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Marianne Roberts BHSc (Nat), CCL Massage & Beauty Therapist, Cert III Fitness 


My name is Marianne Roberts and as a degree qualified Naturopath, Massage and Bodywork therapist and Fitness instructor I get great satisfaction watching people become happy, healthy human beings.

I’m really passionate about health, bodywork therapy, biochemistry, herbal and nutritional medicine and how they can positively affect people and help manage diseases while working towards health and well-being.

I help people by listening and being there for them in a safe space, helping them to understand their bodies and finding answers so they can achieve their health goals. Incorporating both complementary health modalities and bodywork therapy addresses someones mind and body therefor gaining a whole health experience which will accelerate your health journey.

Member of Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA).

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