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My 50 Shades of Emotions!

Being unwell recently has tested me physically and emotionally – and it’s a time I’m calling my 50 Shades of Emotions!

I was unwell for 2 weeks and at first, I felt annoyed, sad, and frustrated that as a naturopath I was sick when I should be healthy all the time. It’s laughable that we have these preconceived ideas of how we should be!

So, I began to ask myself, why was I thinking this way?

Deep down I related being unwell as a sign of weakness (which it’s not) but on the flipside, this feeling of needing to be physically strong in order to be successful can be exhausting and overwhelming.

So, now it was time to make a new belief. One that is going to support me on my health journey and also to support my clients.

Two days before I got sick, I had so much energy and was feeling great physically and feeling confident within myself.

And then, boom, it hit me!

It took all my strength to force myself to work and do all the usual life admin things plus get ready to go on our holiday to Melbourne. Getting sick at a time like this can often feel like an inconvenience and appear to come at the wrong time, but what I realised was to be open to the lessons it brings. It’s like peeling another layer of the onion to find a fresh, new layer. Like a fresh perspective on life which helps with working through challenges and becoming happier.

After having time to reflect and explore my thoughts and actions there were a few key messages that I learnt which I want to share with you.

  • I don’t need to be a ‘superwoman’ and sharing the ups and downs of my life can give other women the opportunity to find their inner strength on their own personal health journey.

  • Every bodily experience is another opportunity for self-growth and healing.

  • Forcing my body to keep going doesn’t give me the power to heal. Taking the time to rest and slow down does.

  • Being present and choosing what is necessary to do and what can wait is vital.

  • I am worthy of having everything that I desire in my life.

So, how am I going to look after myself from now on and how am I leading myself through this time that I wasn’t expecting?

I’m going to move through this time with as much gratitude, love, and joy as I possibly can and always remember that to be healthy is to adapt to what you need for how you’re currently feeling.

As a naturopath, holistic healthcare is vital and that’s why reflection, emotional exploration, and time for yourself are useful tools to support ourselves while working through the ups and downs of our health journeys.

To your health and wellness.

Marianne x

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