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Stress Vs Feeling Good

Isn’t it so wild that feeling stressed is starting to feel like our new normal?

If you’re starting the year with your stress levels at 90% and your energy at 10%, you’re not alone. We all live hectic lives and haven’t gotten close to balancing our lifestyles after a busy end to the year and jumping right back into another busy year. Finding any kind of balance seems like a huge challenge to face.

We often live in such a heightened state of stress and tiredness, we’re on the go from the moment we wake until late at night. And pushing through the day while struggling with exhaustion, period pain, illnesses, diseases, and other symptoms that we’re trying to work around all creates a thought pattern and a belief that it’s normal to feel lousy.

I know this all too well on my health journey with fibroids. I’d developed a pain pattern so every time I woke the first thing I’d think was “I’m in pain and uncomfortable” and it became a normal part of my life.

I’d normalised pain to be ok.

I realised after some time that it’s not normal and I wanted to feel good again. Don’t get me wrong there was some challenges along the way, but it ultimately led me to feeling good more often than feeling terrible.

It’s not normal to feel:

  • Stressed to the max

  • Tired and moody

  • Period pains

  • No libido

  • Heavy and sluggish

How many times do we think there is something wrong with us if we’re not stressed?


Feel bad because we’re not burnt out and exhausted?

We must be lazy because what are we doing if we’re not experiencing this way of life. We should be pushing ourselves harder, so we’re burnt out like everyone else and then we’ll feel like we’re achieving something.

We should feel guilty for having any kind of a break, rest and even having the thought of looking after ourselves.

Well, here’s societal conditioning for us!

How wild is it that feeling good has become this huge mountain to climb and something to be achieved when in actual fact it’s our natural state and how we are meant to be.

As a woman speaking to other women, I want us to know this: we deserve to feel good again and we can lead ourselves in the journey to create our own personal healthy balanced and fulfilling lifestyle because we are meant to feel good and that’s our inherent natural state.

To your health and wellness

Marianne x

P.S. If this topic has hit a nerve and you need support I'm always available for private appointments or you can join The Feel-Good Movement that begins 6th February 2023.

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