Food as Medicine

What does that even mean?

I have been having a few conversations lately about the language we use in the professional field and how it doesn’t always translate easily into our everyday chats – especially with clients.

As a naturopath I often find myself saying these phrases like ‘food as medicine’ and it makes sense to me, but does it make sense to others?

Well, that’s what I want to ask you. Do you like scientific words or language you’d use in a chat with a friend?

Talking a certain naturopathic way because that’s what is perceived to sound more scientific, intelligent or on trend is what I’m realising is not always the best way to support my clients.

Totally ok if this is what you love, variety is the spice of life after all!

But I want to change my views, “go against the grain” and start making some new naturopathic rules of my own that are simple and can help my clients achieve their goals.

So, here is what food as medicine means to me:

Food that reduces pain.

Food that gives you energy.

Food that balances your hormones.

Food that reduces inflammation.

Food that makes you feel happy.

One clear distinction I made about food a long time ago when I started on my health journey was to be mindful of different foods as something that will give me joy and nourishment rather than something I must resist, restrict, lose weight and diet, diet, diet to get results.

For so long the relationship between food and women’s health have been one of fear and anxiety but it doesn’t need to be that way.

It can be rewarding and empowering!

I think eating can give us so much stress because we are in the technology age, we are bombarded with information and if you search weight loss on Google you’ll probably be inundated with adverts for the next week.

What I would suggest for keeping on track, avoid overwhelm and achieve your goals is to always go back to your foundations and that is to remember why you’re on this health journey in the first place, what results you want to achieve, and to choose homecooked foods, not processed or packaged.

And that’s a great start!

So, what if you can shift your perspective and start feeling comfortable about food and your daily eating routine?

Well, you can!

Firstly, let’s think about what foods you can add into your day that make you feel good. Rather than what you need to cut out or restrict, then binging and thinking “I shouldn’t have eaten that” and feeling bad.

By concentrating on adding foods into your diet it’s helping to add in extra nutrients that your body can use to help make hormones, heal your gut and improve your mood which are all fundamental to support you in making healthier food choices and over time these choices become easier and second nature.

Let’s think of nourishing by adding wholefoods into your day rather than depriving yourself.

Fueling your body by making positive choices rather than restricting.

Eat more wholefoods and feel proud of yourself.

Have your potatoes and feel satisfied after your meal because it’s better to have the

potatoes than the packaged sweets after dinner.

Over time your body is going to thank you for it, your cravings will decrease and choosing healthy wholefoods will become a normal part of your life.

And that’s one simple yet powerful way to use food as medicine.

To your health and wellness

Marianne x

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