Functional Supplements. What are they?

After having a few conversations about scientific terms versus everyday life chats it got me thinking about all the other terms I say that I’d like to clarify with you.

And the phrase I find myself saying (even have in my Instagram bio) is ‘Functional Supplements’. So, I’ll have to change that over to reflect my new ideas on language.

What are your ideas about scientific phrases?

Are you a scientific word type of person or language you’d use in chats with a friend?

After spending 4½ years doing my degree, I set out into the world with the idea of educating people about how their body functions and how to stay healthy. This all sounds great in theory but 2 years down the track I’m realizing that there is a big difference in how I want to be educating people about their health and what is required for that to be beneficial.

I’m starting to think it’s not about being the teacher or educator it’s about creating heartfelt connections where people can feel safe and heard, meeting people where they are now with what they can achieve and providing guidance on what they could do at this point in their lives to get back to better health.

I’m all about adding healthy habits into your life, and supporting you with what you know you can achieve.

So, it starts with me shifting my focus from feeling like I need to be teaching in a scientific way for clients to get the full benefit to creating connections through everyday language that is supportive, like how I would support my friends.

I went a little off track for a minute…. But getting back to functional supplements.

This is what functional supplements means to me:

Capsules or tablets that contain an ingredient that help improve your health.

Powders that rehydrate your body.

Capsules that give you energy.

Liquid herbs that balance your hormones.

Homeopathic remedies that make you feel relaxed.

What I have experienced through my health journey was there were times I had to take quite a few functional supplements and times I didn’t, but they all had a purpose and were used in combination with changes to my eating and lifestyle to support a holistic approach to health.

And this is how I want to support my clients!

Clients often say to me they went to a naturopath or nutritionist and left with hundreds of dollars of supplements and didn’t feel any better. Some conditions do require more supplementation and change to your current lifestyle but it’s important to get back to our health foundations and start creating a holistic health plan that includes eating healthy foods, as well as lifestyle and supplement changes.

The old sayings of ‘you can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet’ or ‘one pill isn’t going to fix poor health’ come to mind while writing this post. These days we are all busy and it seems like an easy fix to take a supplement and hope your symptoms will disappear, but natural medicine is a long-term journey that evolves and changes as your body becomes healthier.

It’s a lifestyle.

It’s a step-by-step process.

It’s learning about yourself.

It’s resilience.

And it can be rewarding and empowering!

What I would suggest for achieving your health goals is to always go back to your foundations and that is to remember why you’re on this health journey in the first place and what results you want to achieve.

Ask yourself, what healthy foods can I add into my day to support the functional supplements I’m taking?


What healthy movement can I do to complement my functional supplements?

By adding nourishing foods and healthy movement into your day you might over time not need as many functional supplements because you’re getting extra nutrients from your food that can reduce inflammation, make hormones and give you energy.

Over time your body will want more nourishing food and choosing healthy wholefoods and complementary functional supplements will become a normal part of your life.

Simple yet influential ways functional supplements can complement your health.

And hopefully that term is a lot more meaningful to you now!

To your health and wellness

Marianne x

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