Healthy Overnight Oats

My friend and business mentor Sonia inspired me to make this recipe, she asked if I had a good recipe for dairy free overnight oats.

So, I set out to think of recipe ideas (I had a few already that came to mind) and see how they would taste. I love being in the kitchen trying out new things, for me it is one of my ways to relax.

This recipe is so easy and is prepared in the evening ready for the next morning. I like to get it done while I’m cooking dinner in those few minutes where you are waiting for something to finish cooking and you have time to easily whip this up as it only takes a few minutes.

To make it easier and quicker have the granola pre-prepared and ready to go so in the morning you just sprinkle the granola over the top.

My favourite granola is by Nourish’d Naturally, butterscotch granola mix that is a plant-based packet mix that you bake yourself. It is delicious!

I also love Food to Nourish botanical clusters that are ready to go. I actually have most of these granolas in the pantry so when I need them, I can choose the flavours I feel like on the day and satisfy my taste buds!

Overnight oats are great for breakfast or snacks. As a naturopath I would recommend oats at the start of the day because they are a food rich if tryptophan (which is an amino acid) needed to make serotonin, our happy hormone!

So it's not only full of nutritious wholefoods that are delicious, satisfying, keeps you full all morning and it can help you feel happier too.

Yields - 1 serving Total Prep time – 5 min Cooking time – 0 min Difficulty - Beginner


1/4 cup Organic GF Oats

1 tbsp. Cashew Butter

1 cup Rice Mylk

* Any nut butter is suitable depending on the flavours you want. I like using cashew butter because it makes the oats creamier.

* Any mylk alternative is suitable or water if you have sensitivities to nuts.


1 tsp. Cashew Butter

¼ cup Granola

1 tsp. Ceylon Cinnamon, ground


- Use a glass cup or any bowl to put the ingredients in.

- Combine the cashew butter and half the rice mylk, using a fork, mix until thoroughly blended.

- Add the oats and the other half of the rice mylk, using a fork, stir the ingredients all together.

- Cover (I use a silicon cover or a plate) and place in the fridge overnight.

- Varied brands of oats absorb more liquid than others, so before I go to bed I check to see if it needs a little bit more liquid. If it’s looking very runny then it doesn’t need any more liquid added.

- In the morning take the overnight oats out of the fridge, it should be a thick consistency and ready to add the topping.

Topping directions

- Place granola on top of half the overnight oats mixture.

- Over the other half place the cashew butter.

- Sprinkle Ceylon cinnamon over the top and it’s ready to eat.

Alternative Toppings

Gluten free – substitute oats for rice flakes and add ½ cup more mylk.

Increase protein content – add 1tbsp. pea protein and ½ tsp. collagen powder plus nuts and seeds.

Increase fibre content – add 1tsp. flaxseed meal, 1 tsp. psyllium husks and 1 kiwifruit.

Chocolate flavour – 1 tsp. cacao powder and 1 tsp. maple syrup, Use chocolate granola in the topping.

Vanilla flavour – 1 tsp. vanilla paste (alcohol free) and add ½ banana with the topping.

Fruit salad – with the topping add 1 cup of diced fresh fruit of your choice.

Happy and healthy eating.... Let me know how you liked it.

To your health and wellness!

Marianne x

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