How an Enema is beneficial for your Health:

I'm glad I've got my first Enema out of the way......

To be honest i was so scared to do this and i thought it would be really messy (Hahaha!!! in more ways than one). But i took my Naturopath's advice that this would be very beneficial for me to improve some health issues. Yes, I am a Naturopath but i think it's so helpful to have appointments with another Naturopath because they can see your health journey in another perspective that you may not have thought of. Sometimes we are so close to our issues that we can't be an outsider looking in on ourselves.

Anyway, back to enema's, thanks to my kit arrived in the mail, along with the coffee and the rest is history.

The benefits i noticed for myself was an increase in afternoon energy, felt more clear in the head (not so foggy) and general happiness but I'm sure as i keep going with the routine of weekly enemas that there will be more benefits to be seen and felt.

As a curious Naturopath i set off to do some research into the world of enemas and is seems that there is so much information out there showing immense health benefits after enema treatments.

Here is some information that i found:

Enemas are a type of colon cleanse using various infused liquid like coffee, herbal teas and lemon or just purified water, via your rectum and helps to re-tone the colon muscles and help with peristalsis (bowel movement). They were originally used by the medical profession many years ago before pharmaceutical laxatives became available. They can be used for people wanting to detoxify, to help with acute constipation, sluggish bowel, treat many inflammatory conditions such as joint pain, allergies, provide instant stress relief, reduce sugar cravings, give you an energy boost, IBS, PMS relief and brain fog to name just a few.

Coffee enemas have show to boost antioxidant levels, thought to be due to the cafestol palmitates found in coffee as they contribute to the increase in activity of glutathione S-transferase, an enzyme which helps stimulate bile excretion and therefore makes your liver work more efficiently. It also draws toxicity out of the liver and helps to reduce free radical damage in the body (as seen in the Gerson Therapy Protocol).

If you are thinking of incorporating enemas into your health routine please consult your health practitioner first.

To Your Health and Wellness xx

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